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How Loom Works

Loom uses machine learning to match employers
with talented freelancers, and makes paying
freelancers for work quick and easy.

Discover top freelancers

Post a project with details about the freelancer you're looking for and what you need done.

Receive a curated list of freelancers that match the needs of your project.

Your project is recommended to all relevant freelancers within the Loom network.

Hire the freelancers of your choice

Quickly receive proposals from freelancers interested in your project.

Compare freelancers and send messages to discuss the project and setup interviews.

Choose the freelancer you want to work with, execute a work agreement and get to work.

Work efficiently, pay securely.

Send and receive files directly in Loom messages to keep work moving efficiently.

Pay freelancers through our secure payment system.

Easily track invoices and transaction history in your Loom dashboard.

Pricing for employers

Post a job for free and start receiving proposals today.



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Post your project for free today and start receiving proposals from talented, passionate freelancers.

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*no credit card required



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Post your project, receive proposals and start having conversations with talented freelancers.



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Why use Loom to find freelancers?

Top-tier talent

Employ proven, passionate freelancers looking to work on interesting projects.

Equity compensation

Leverage passion by trading equity for work from top-tier freelancers around the world.

Proven track records

View work examples, employment history and skill tests results from freelancers around the world.

Protected confidential info

Keep the secret sauce of your project hidden behind NDA-protected information tabs.

Support along the way

We're here to provide you with the knowledge and support you need to be successful.

Let's bring your ideas to life.
Posting projects is quick and easy.
Post your project

We deliver interesting projects

Create a profile that showcases your work samples, experience and skills.

We send you personalized project recommendations based on your profile.

Easily browse and filter active projects that match your skills.

Get hired and get to work

Receive invites from employers interested in working with you.

Submit compelling proposals to let employers know you're interested.

Exchange messages to discuss project details, setup interviews and get hired, all for free.

Flexible invoices. Secure payouts.

Quickly create and send both hourly and flat-fee invoices from your dashboard.

Get paid directly into your bank account through Loom’s secure payment system.

Easily track all pending, paid and outstanding payments in your dashboard.

Pricing for freelancers

Low fees for freelancers. Keep more of the money you earn.



fee deducted from cash payments made to freelancers



fee deducted from cash payments made to freelancers

Why use Loom to find freelance work?

Top-tier clients

Work with passionate entrepreneurs hiring equally passionate freelancers.

Equity compensation

Build a portfolio for your financial future by working for equity in addition to cash.

Advertise your experience

Beautifully display your work examples, employment history and take skill tests.

Protected personal info

We keep your personal info protected so that you have power and privacy as a freelancer.

Support along the way

We're here to provide you with the knowledge and support you need to be successful.

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