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Contract Front-End Developer (React)
Austin, TX
We are looking for a great front-end, JavaScript developer in a contract role who is proficient with React. Your primary focus will be on...
Design & Build the UX/Front-End
London, England
We have a SharePoint based Governance, Risk and Compliance application. We have a team of engineers doing the back-end and need a strong ...
Social App Connecting National Fraternities/Sororities
San Antonio, TX
This project is a social platform for fraternities and sororities created to allow Greek members to truly connect and engage on a nationa...

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We used a variety of services to engage freelancers. Within two days on Loom we had over ten responses, and within a week had a work-for-equity agreement. Loom is easy to use, effective, and importantly, has no overbearing contract to deal with. We'll use Loom again and recommend it to other entrepreneurs."

Neill Groom

Founder & CEO, WeVest
Loom literally brought confidence back to our startup. I signed up in minutes, and within a day had over five bids from serious developers; some of which are now an integral part of our team as we get ready to launch next month, thanks to Loom. I couldn't possibly ask for a better platform to bring my ideas to life. I'm truly grateful."

Jermaine Malcolm

Founder & CEO, RecChanges
Loom has been instrumental in creating powerful connections across the world while building my businesses in exchange for technical talent and subject matter expertise. The team and platform provide a win-win for entrepreneurs and top developers to get ideas to market quickly and with excellent results."

Juan Felipe Campos

Founder & CEO, NomadApp