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The first rewards program for volunteers and nonprofits
Denver, CO
A community engagement platform that's rewarding people and organizations for all the right reasons. We do this by giving for-profit busi...
Special Education iOS + Android App
Stephen Edward
Chicago, IL
I'm a web developer that built a special education app last year. I don't have any mobile experience, however I have built plenty of APIs...
Stock market-inspired fantasy sports platform
Syracuse, NY
A stock market inspired fantasy sports platform. Users buy and sell the "contracts" of athletes, they can then choose to use these player...

Recent Projects

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Creating Access to Developing Asian Medical Markets Website
Ha & Rey
San Antonio & Austin, TX
We are a Texas startup focusing on assisting U.S. medical manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies obtain access to developing Asian me...
Air quality prediction app (including pollen), Swift programming
Marina Del Rey, CA
We have an app which gives you air quality predictions, including pollen. The software is written in Swift 1.2 and needs to be updated to...
Food-cost calculating mobile app
New York, NY
This will be a mobile application that lets you take pictures of a menu and AUTOMATICALLY determines your total, tax and tip right on you...

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We used a variety of services to engage freelancers. Within two days on Loom we had over ten responses, and within a week had a work-for-equity agreement. Loom is easy to use, effective, and importantly, has no overbearing contract to deal with. We'll use Loom again and recommend it to other entrepreneurs."

Neill Groom

Founder & CEO, WeVest
Loom literally brought confidence back to our startup. I signed up in minutes, and within a day had over five bids from serious developers; some of which are now an integral part of our team as we get ready to launch next month, thanks to Loom. I couldn't possibly ask for a better platform to bring my ideas to life. I'm truly grateful."

Jermaine Malcolm

Founder & CEO, RecChanges
Loom has been instrumental in creating powerful connections across the world while building my businesses in exchange for technical talent and subject matter expertise. The team and platform provide a win-win for entrepreneurs and top developers to get ideas to market quickly and with excellent results."

Juan Felipe Campos

Founder & CEO, NomadApp